Neophytes remain outside the room of initiation. They are instructed beforehand everything concerning their participation in the ritual. In the initiation room are old members sitting in chairs placed so that everyone can see the ceremony. In front of the altar are seats that occupy the neophytes, all seated in alphabetical order .

On the table burned a red candle, this candle is kept for this special use until it is gone. To the left of the President, is the register of members. It is useful, especially for the President, a lectern with lamp.

Someone may touch or move very soft tape some Spanish or Spanish-American melodies. The doors are closed and everything is ready.


( The guide – which can be the vice president – who has been out with the neophytes, knocks on the door. President responds with two strokes on the table. opens the door and says the guide. )

Guide : Have come to the door of Sigma Delta Mu loving students Hispanic language and culture.

Chairman : That pass all. ( Enter in alphabetical order, in a semicircle in front of the altar, standing up. )

Friends, you have proven superior students with a desire to learn more of the language of Cervantes and Hispanic culture, which is why we are pleased to welcome you to our society. Now sit down and listen as we explain the essentials of this honor society. ( They sit neophytes, keeping the same order. Cesa music. )


Chairman : Can you come forward sponsor _________ Chapter of Sigma Delta Mu? ( The sponsor stands before the table in front of the president. ) Do you know the procedure to start the right to establish a chapter of Sigma Delta Mu?

Sponsor : I know.

President : The names of the members whose names appear on the list have met the basic requirements?

Sponsor : They have.

Chairman : Have you consented to act as faculty sponsor for this group as part of the organization of this chapter?

Sponsor : Yes, sir.

Chairman : Does you the skills required for this position? Are you interested in maintaining a viable chapter Mu Sigma Delta? Do you understand and agree with the rules of the Constitution of Sigma Delta Mu?

Sponsor : I am.

Chairman : I welcome as Chapter faculty sponsor of Sigma Delta Mu _______ (Members) Members of this chapter ____________ have been confirmed by the sponsor or the sponsor, we will proceed with the initiation of new members Sigma Delta Mu

Sigma Delta Mu is an honorary society for students of Spanish in the first two years of college. Founded in 1979 with the approval of Delta Sigma Pi, the company offers the advantage of a rich program of Spanish and provides the way to reward and encourage students in the first stage of their studies. Its goal is to promote excellence in the study of Spanish literature and culture of Spanish-speaking people, and continue to foster interest in Spanish meritorious achievements.

________ Chapter of Sigma Delta Mu ___________________ adheres to these ideals and pledges its full support to the school and community.

SHORT BREAK. now begin with the initiation.

Sigma Delta Mu Initials are Greek words written in the Spanish alphabet are: Spanias / Didagén / Manthánomen and can be translated “Let us understand the teaching of Spain.”

For the Romans there was nothing (Ne Plus Ultra) beyond the end of the Mediterranean Sea and said that there were two large columns called the Pillars of Hercules. (Actually these “columns” were two hills, one located on each side of the Strait of Gibraltar). Since no one would go beyond these columns, the Romans made use of the words “Ne Plus Ultra.” But Christopher Columbus and his sailors came from the unknown seas and discovered a new world, destroying the “Ne” Roman’s warning. So the coat of arms of Sigma Delta Mu represents a lion destroying the obstacles to progress and is only one of the columns with the words “Plus Ultra” which means “Beyond: our motto.

Like the crew that accompanied Columbus, you are also embarking on an unknown sea and must always stand firm forward with faith and diligence, remembering our motto “Plus Ultra.” Hopefully you wake up in the strong desire to learn more of the Spanish: language, culture and literature and if they ever get in any college after ___________, do not forget our motto, “Plus Ultra. ‘ As always exceed in everything you do.

Now listen to the advice given by Don Quixote to Sancho before it was to govern the island. ( Name of person – maybe the Head of Department of Foreign Languages ​​or someone chosen beforehand. important thing is very clear to read. )

Make gala Sancho, humility of your seed, and do not despise to say you come from laboradores, because seeing they do not run, none will be made to cum over and be humble Appreciate virtuous sinner. Countless are those born of low station, have risen to the highest dignities …

Never make your whim measure of the law, which usually has much room to boast sharp ignorant.

More understanding you are in tears of the poor, but not more justice, that of the rich.

Try to discover the truth behind the promises and gifts of the rich as among the poor sobs and importunities.

When may justly equity rather not carry the full force of the criminal law, which is no better judge Fame rigorous than the compassionate.

If anything bend the rod of justice, not the weight of the gift, but with mercy.

This candle that shines here, the light is symbolically daily transmits them their Alma Mater. Never forget, always carry it in your heart. Nothing better than quote a verse of José Martí, great Cuban poet who wrote in his “Simple Verses” as follows:

Everything is beautiful and constant,

Everything is music and reason,

And all, like diamond,

First light is coal.

Let your light shine not ever stop.

Now come to sign the record of the chapter and to receive your certificate and key symbolizing their entry into Sigma Delta Mu Congratulations to all. ( The vice president will help them go in order and return to their seats. )

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